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Toy Blog

Mermaids or Unicorns? Life is too short, why decide. BE BOTH

Lauren McFerrin

We consider ourselves Trend Masters, watchers of all things popular. We knew Unicorns and Mermaids were here to stay. This is one trend that's timeless and we love it.

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn mermaid, then be a unicorn mermaid

my reality.jpg

Here are a couple of our favorite finds. A store devoted to Unicorn Horns?! We are in, Brooklyn Owl. And, Mermaid Bracelets that change colors?! Great idea Mermaid Pillow Company. And, coming soon: Little Bird Told Me Celeste & Fae Rocking Unicorn.

First Wheels

Lauren McFerrin

What was your first car?

18 months is not too early to learn to drive...check out Indigo Jamm's Colin's Campervan wood playset. With 4 peg people, a dog and a surfboard on the roof this team is ready to play! 

We also like that it's made in Thailand from sustainable rubberwood. 

rainy days call for play.jpg

Friends Don't Give Friends Batteries

Lauren McFerrin

What's going on with the world? You can talk to your Alexa, you can turn your car on from your iPhone and you don't even have to PLAY anymore! Just hand that kiddo a smart tablet. REALLY? Here at Prodotto we think Kids should be Kids. No batteries. Unplugged. All imagination. Want toys that build creative thinking? Check out Oskar & Ellen soft playsets hand-crafted in the Philippines.

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